TED-ED "A brief history of ice cream"
Song Exploder "Wait for it"
Motion Graphics montage 2023
I wonder lonely as a cloud
John, I'm only freelancing
Philadelphia Cream Cheese X Pitchfork
Gone Til November
Various logos and print works
Show reel 2019
Worn Stories
The Next Thing You Eat
Vision 2020
Devo Technology
Albatross Soup
My hero
Dial an Idol
Universal Kids ID
Into Act!on Gifs
Stop Climate Change
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories “Night falls”
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories “Lasso the Moon”
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories "Dumb Dreams"
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories "Area 51"
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories "Cloud 9"
SYFY TZGZ Bedtime stories "If So"
The Bonez "Life"
7 Up Drink the decades
Wordpress:Pachamama Coffee
TED talkXWestpac
Airborne campaign
Style frame and illustration greatest hits
Panera Bread
Red Tuxedo music video for the Griswolds
Adult Swim:Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa
Sesame Street: This Old Man
Nippon Housou
WNYC Radio Rookies series
Bonnaroo 2014
Safe T Riders
Cartoon Network
SVA "Idea is..."
Subway "Back to school"
Big Sean "Getcha Some"
Nickelodeon APAHM "Yoko Ono"
Nickelodeon APAHM "Jhumpa Lahiri"
Sour "Hibi No Neiro"
Happy New Year 2014
Happy New Year 2012
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