This is an animated short : the interview of Wyclef Jean’s “Gone til November” from his 1997 album “The Carnival”. He talks about his influences, from The Beatles to Bob Dylan, and a call from Michael Jackson. I got a chance to pay homage to the legendary Milton Glaser, with my all time favorite Dylan poster.
Production company : Fat shiba
Creative director: Kerry Laster
Producer: Becca Vesperino
The first thing first, I had to figure out how everything flows over the VO. The starting point was its music video, in which Wyclef walks through the LAX(Los Angels International Airport). From that on, I listened to the audio over and over to figure out how to bring it to the life. The usage of type animation for some parts made sense for both the nature of the content, as well as being on the tight deadline.  The other thing i wanted to archive was to illuminate the part of very iconic musician. I wanted to illustrated them in the way that you can instantly recognize them in the simplest way possible. 
In the style frames, I wanted to convey the Caribbean roots of Wyclef, in the primary red, green and yellow color palette.
Lastly, these are some of my favorite moments in Gif in case you don't feel like clicking the play button.
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